Wednesday, September 24, 2008

No longer planning to play Wrath...

...and Warhammer Online has nothing to do with that decision.

This post announced that honor points and marks will be reset in Wrath.

I spent the last month in WoW before WAR release working at achieving honor cap and acquiring marks for the exact reason that they invalidated the content. All of that effort is gone and your damn right I am bitter about it.

I'm done. Blizzard has a long history of INVALIDATING player efforts and this is the straw that broke this camel's back. They have absolutely zero respect for the player base and just do whatever they want willy nilly. Well screw you, Blizzard. I'm not playing your game again. Ever.

You can argue the merits and reasons behind the decision -- even talk about why it was necessary and blah blah. However, the simple fact remains that they don't even care to try and design the game in a way that DOESN'T invalidate your previous efforts.



Leiandra said...

I'm not a big PVP'er by any means. But what if they had done something to the effect of honor is lvl bound? What I mean is that the honor you gain at say level 70 will buy level 70 items, and the level 80 honor will buy level 80 items. Kinda seems more "fair" to me.

Regardless though... it is unfortunate when the developers change the rules in the middle of the game. I know a lot of people that were doing pretty much the same thing you were so they could have their first epics at 80 from pvp gear.

sid67 said...

it is unfortunate when the developers change the rules in the middle of the game.

That's the rub. Since the honor point system was introduced, there has never been an honor reset. There wasn't one in BC, nor did Blizzard give any indication that such a thing might ever be a possibility.

Only now -- after they realized that many players find the current game offers them nothing -- do they decide to make such a change.

Arena points I can understand because it's a new season. They also announced this months ago when S4 was still relatively new.

But honor -- well, these BGs are still the same old thing they were forever ago. Nevermind that you already did WSG 40 times -- let's wipe it and make you do it again.

I mean, if the incentive is for them to want you to play the *new* battleground as they suggest -- then just make the important parts of that gear cost a lot of those type of marks. Why take away my WSG marks so that I have to grind it out again? It's no different than it was when I was level 19!

Part of what bugs me is that there IS an honor cap. It's simply not possible to gear yourself 100% in PvP blues when you ding 80.

Robert said...

When I first read that you spent time to store up honor, and you were going to lose it all, I felt bad.

As I continued to read, my opinion changed to 'cry more noob'.

Now however, I really have to put some blame on Blizzard.


Clearly others have been doing this.

So Blizzard should be examining their own data more often. They should have seen a trend developing as we get closer to expansion that more and more people are gaining honor cap and then stopping PvP, but not spending the honor.

That's CLEAR indication that they intend to wait until expansion to buy it.

They should have seen this a long time ago and gave MUCH more warning.

The only reason they are introducing 'new stuff to buy with honor' is to try and decrease how pissed off is everyone about having to spend them or lose them in the first place.

On a side note, I was looking forward to WAR. When I finally installed my collectors edition copy, I found it lacking in many areas, enough that it actually pushed me BACK to WoW where I resubscribed and I'm looking forward to Wrath.
I could go into more depth, but basically I'll re-examine WAR in several months, maybe when I get tired of Wrath.