Thursday, September 4, 2008

[generic blog title]

I’m so excited for [game title]! My favorite part is the [new widget] because of the [latest hype]. Unlike [other game], the [standard feature] provides a [meaningful experience]. I have to give [game company] a lot of credit by including [non-standard feature] at release. I can only compare it to [feature copied from other MMO game] mixed with [feature borrowed from non-MMO game].

One thing I am a little worried about is [crappy beta experience]. I was doing this [cool thing] when this [unexpected crappy thing] happened. I’m not going to be happy if [unexpected crappy things] keep happening at release.

One thing I am NOT worried about is [what everyone else is worried about]. I have a lot of faith that [game company] will get this right. [Game executive] talked about it specifically in this [interview link]. He said, “[Worrisome things] are not going to be an issue. We received a lot of feedback during [event] and we will [address the problem].”

I’m counting down the [days/weeks/months]... Only [x] left to go!

...OK, OK... Just a few friendly shots at my fellow bloggers. No offense intended and—no, I am not writing about you. I’m also highly anticipating WAR, Spore and Wrath and it just seems like I am reading more and more blog entries like this generic template. My own inspiration for writing this parody was actually because I caught myself starting to write a similar one. If you can't laugh at yourself...

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