Friday, October 11, 2013

DFUW: A couple of videos...

This is a pretty clever Darkfall video that I thought was worth a re-share.  I'm still playing DFUW very regularly - which is surprising since I've been playing since beta and expected to be bored with it a few months after release at most.

On the subject of Darkfall itself, I find that the game is best suited for people who like to play FPS games and want to evolve their gaming to an MMO.  If that describes you, I think you'll love the game.

The above video doesn't really describe the gameplay.  The below video is a better example of how combat plays out in DFUW.   It's not the most exciting video ever made (that's not why I chose it) but it's a good example of how you need to squirm and aim.

You will notice that after someone is downed, they aren't actually out of it until someone takes the time to stop and gank them.  This forces them to release and anything they were carrying is lootable.

For the most part, I hate DF videos because they really don't represent the game well.  That combat is vastly more immersive than anything you'll experience in any other MMO.   You don't have visibility behind you, you have to aim to hit, it's easy to miss a shot or overlook something, you need to be aware of  friendly fire, and if you die and get ganked -- you lose something very tangible.  

That said, you don't lose so much that you couldn't recover from it in a few hours or even a single encounter when if you kill/gank/loot someone.