Friday, July 25, 2008

Same site address, slightly different name

I changed the title of this blog from “Confessions of a Serial Ganker” to simply “Serial Ganker”. I don’t really confess anything or run around talking about a bunch of ganking exploits, so I thought the “confessions” part needed to go. I will always think of myself as a Serial Ganker, so that part is staying. The evil part inside of me has always had fun at the expense of others. It’s one of the reasons that deep inside I know I’ll be going somewhere much warmer than I like when I die. I know others are the same way, just a little less honest with themselves about their true feelings. It’s worth pointing out that I also see a line between ganking and griefing. The line isn’t always visible but there is a big difference between simply having fun at someone else’s expense and being relentless about trying to make someone quit in frustration.

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